Aerial Drone Photography, Oxfordshire:

Aerial Drone Photography, Oxfordshire:

Aerial Drones and How Aerial Photography Has Evolved:

In recent years, aerial photography in Oxfordshire has thrived and evolved. This is due to the widespread use of drones to capture the beauty the skies have to offer. In the past, photographers found other ways to take stunning bird’s eye view shots. The first aerial shot to ever be taken was in 1858 by a fellow named Felix Tournachon, also known as Nadar. This pioneer of photography took a photo of the Bievre valley, in France, from a tethered balloon. Although the photos have not survived the intervening years, his legacy still lives on. Many of the old aerial shots do not exist anymore, destroyed over the years. From what we know, the oldest surviving aerial photograph is from James Wallace Black. In 1860, from a tethered balloon named ”Queen of the Air”, he took an overhead shot of Boston. Many people after these revolutionary pioneers did the same, however, more noticeably things started changing in the early 20th-century.

More notable works are that of Julius Neubronner, a German apothecary who used pigeons to deliver his prescriptions. When they started going rogue, Julius fixed cameras to his birds to track their delivery paths. Because of his success, he later went on to use this method to take aerial shots of the Dresden International Photographic Exhibition.

Three years later, a man named George Lawrence perfected his method of capturing panoramas by attaching large-format cameras that had curved film plates to sizeable kites. Lawrence’s most prominent work is his photographs of the devastation brought by the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco. He managed such photos by strapping his camera to 17 kites and taking the photo once they were 2000 feet high.

Currently, aerial photography, especially as a business, is booming in Oxfordshire. With the use of drones to easily take a bird’s eye shot of modern-day beauty, it has become increasingly popular. Today, many businesses specialise in aerial drone photography. One of them is Photogenic Photography, in Oxfordshire. Neil Aston, the owner of the UK based business, has had a love of photography for over 35 years. His passion for his art motivates him to take the best shots he can.

Photogenic Photography offers many forms of photography, and they are certified by the Civil Aviation Authority in Aerial Drone Photography. On their website, they show their excellent skills in commercial photography. Many businesses seek aerial photographs of their establishments or for instance in the case of an estate agent, the house they wish to sell. It is also useful for news outlets and journalists if they especially need a photo of an area or structure.

If you seek aerial drone photography, in Oxfordshire, Photogenic Photography is the option for you. They cover every base of photography you need, as well as amazing aerial shots for your business. Their aerial photographs will take your business or website to the next level, and will elevate your service. Next time you need aerial photography, consider Photogenic Photography and check out their website for an online portfolio of their work.

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